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CLEAN PREPARE does just that. By day it refreshes and neutralises the harshness of water and sets the pH of the skin, preparing the skin for subsequent products. By night, it removes the impurities of the day and any make-up. It has specific ingredients that will act as a conduit for subsequent products into the skin, thus potentiating their efficacy.

CLEAN PREPARE is a deep cleansing non soap balm containing a mild enzymatic exfoliant to eliminate dead skin cells and clear congested pores. Active ingredients and anti-inflammatories, smooth purify and energise the skin reducing damage and boosting radiance. CLEAN PREPARE can also be used as a shaving balm, reducing ingrowing hairs and calming irritation.


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Clean Prepare sets the skin’s optimum pH

Helps protect skin’s immune system against stress and pollution

Exfoliates dead skin cells

Decreases inflammation and encourages healing

Helps clear congestion and reduce pore size

Helps reduce photo damage

Helps replenish dehydrated skin and maintain skin moisture barrier

Provides an excellent environment for enhanced delivery of subsequent products

Reduces in-growing hairs

An excellent shaving balm

Recommended for all skin types

No synthetic colours or fragrances

No animal testing

Free from parabens

Physician formulated

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