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A good night’s sleep is the best anti-ageing ingredient of all!

Nightwork does the work whilst you sleep. It contains over 40 active ingredients to encourage cell turnover and rejuvenation during deep sleep.

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  • Soy Isoflavones – plant-derived phytoesteroids–from Wild Yam and Soybean. These natural bio-identical hormones have a dual-action to boost collagen by stimulating its production and preventing its degradation by matrix metalloproteinases enzymes. Helping to increase skin density, hydration, fat content, improve skin firmness and elasticity and help lift sagging skin. Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Plant Phytosterols/Volufine – stimulates adipocyte proliferation and differentiation, promoting lipid storage which plumps skin, helping to smooth the contours of the face and maintain facial volume.
  • Red clover extract – Phyto hormones increases moisture, skin thickness and firmness.
  • Probiotic lysate protects against UV induced damage in the skin and supports skins own protection mechanisms against damage particularly UV induced photoaging.
  • Sea Fennel extract (Crithmum maritimum extract) is a natural marine extract ‘The Retinol of the Sea’ it firms, unclog pores, boosts collagen, reduces fine lines, and speeds up cell turnover, helping your skin regain its youthful appearance. Anti-inflammatory. It helps reduce pigmentation as well!
  • Marine plant stem cells (Crithmum maritimum cells cic2) increase collagen and elastin synthesis.
  • A fragment of immunoglobulin G, improves elasticity and firmness, hydrates, protects and soothes skin. It delays the effects of premature ageing. It controls and restores the balance of cytokine secretion, responsible for many of the signs of ageing in mature skin.
  • Peptides mimic the body’s own collagen production mechanism. This compensates for any collagen deficit in the skin and helps make the skin look younger, decrease wrinkles, and help give a lifting effect to the skin. Skin tone and firmness is improved, and wrinkles appear less visible.
  • Microencapsulated 1% Retinol – slowly releases Retinol over time, minimising irritation caused by traditional Retinol and increasing collagen and elastin, resulting in smoother, softer, more toned skin.
  • Vitamin C – A unique anti-ageing Vitamin C derivative which helps to protect against UV cell damage. It inhibits Tyrosinase, reduces oxidation and damage within cells and helps reduce and prevent pigmentation. It improves collagen synthesis and inhibits MMP-2 and MMP-9 collagenase, enzymes that generally cause collagen breakdown.
  • Zinc Gluconate is an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that brightens skin, helps decrease age spots, and reduces the formation of blemishes.
  • Hyaluronic acid – A high and low molecular weight combination to give instant filling and smoothing effects and long-term hydrating and skin nutrient benefits. Helps increase elasticity and wound healing. Improves skin suppleness and promotes a cosmetic filling and smoothing effect.
  • Panthenol/Vitamin B6 Humectant. Anti-inflammatory. Wound healing, soothing + softening. Emollient. Helps maintain the skin’s barrier function.
  • Echium seed oil – improves texture, helps increase dermal proteins reducing fine lines and wrinkles, especially around eyes. Maintains barrier function. Skin anti-inflammatory.
  • Glycerine – a natural humectant moisturiser maintains your skin’s natural barrier function.
  • Wheat Ceramides are moisture capturing lipids. Repair and strengthen the skin’s barrier function. Increases softness, flexibility and decreases water loss. Has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Rice germ oil is an antioxidant. Source of Vitamin E and Omega 9
  • Shea butter strengthens barrier function, protects against environmental damage, and helps prevent premature ageing by reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines. Soothing and healing.
  • Squalene from plants softens, soothes and moisturises the skin.
  • Vitamin E – oil antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, a highly effective moisturiser.
  • Coconut oil – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, super moisturiser.

Night work is the ultimate anti-ageing cream. It is for you if you want to add that extra step. If you are serious about doing the best for yourself. If you have mature, dehydrated pigmented skin, you are starting to develop fine lines or wrinkles.

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This is not a teenage product. This was developed for mature skin or skin that is starting to show signs of ageing.


Take about a chickpea amount in the palm of your hands. Now rub your hands together to warm the product until it almost liquifies.

Use the whole of your hands and fingers. Start along the jawline and apply over the entire face with an upward, tapping (not rubbing) technique. Tap around the eye area with the remainder of what is left on your fingertips.

To treat chest and neck. Take the same amount, start over the chest area, and move upwards towards the jawline using the same tapping technique.

In line with my 1+1=3 theory, finish with a spritz of Refresh 24/7 for a more intense moisturising effect.


no animal testing
paraben free

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